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5 Production Pottery Shapes You Need To Try!

Updated: Jul 10, 2023

Making a large number of pieces can be an equally rewarding and rigorous process. I find that organization is the number one factor that can make or break the deadline. Pottery is all about timing, with design and function closely trailing. Here are 5 shaping tools that are guaranteed to help you be more consistent and efficient! These tools make any job, large or small...a lot more fun! Check out our full range of ribs on our Tools Page.

  1. Shaping Rib No. 001

This classic s-shape form is elegant and sports some serious volume. Each mug will come out beautifully consistent and the deep foot angle leaves you with the choice to trim or not to trim! Pick your favorite clay and go to town.

2. Shaping Rib No. 002

Cappuccino Café Mug is one you'll want to master. While this shape may seem very straight-forward, recreating this curved line exactly over and over can be a challenge. When you have a tool that does the memory work for you, you can turn up the music and just go!

3. Shaping Rib No. 005

If you scored a large order for large mugs, this one is for you. This modern take on the stein will give you a perfect curve and detailed bottom every time. And just like the rest of our ribs, the bottom can be wiped down or trimmed to finish, the choice is yours!

4. Shaping Rib No. 008

Talk about one angle that sets you apart. This minimal shape is sleek and not easy to achieve without the help of this rib. The final mug looks like it took triple the time to make! Work smarter, not harder my friends.

5. Shaping Rib No. 009

Got a shape in mind, but want to spice it up a bit? Our 4-in-1 detailing rib will give you endless combinations to accent your mug shape of choice! This way you can have the best of both worlds with unique forms that take little to no time!

So there you go! 5 shaping ribs that will help you rock any large order you have in front of you! Check out our tools page for more options, ideas and videos!

Hey ya'll! Click here to meet me, the maker!

Alexandria Mente

Wisconsin Artist

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