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As a small-batch artist, I work really hard to turn out new work as often as possible, especially when inspiration hits me left and right in this beautiful world! I hope you enjoy this gallery of my favorite styles and current collected images. There is a more complete gallery on Instagram if you'd like to see more at the bottom of this page or on the app @alexandriapottery


The Exposed Clay Vine Mug

Every artist has an identity, a style of work that defines their artistic style...or at least that's what we're all striving for. I fell into mine almost from the very beginning. Carving into clay is the surface design I love most, because it adds a detail that is unique to only me and my hands. These carved organic vines are the only style that has carried through since the beginning of my clay journey. I can confidently say, they will likely always be with  me in my work. 

The Fluted Mug

Ok, let's be friends, hang out fireside by a mountain somewhere at sunrise...holding these mugs full of something hot to drink. I'll have coffee if you want tea. This style just whispers home to me. I have favorite mugs that I keep for myself and the fluted mug is definitely a part of my personal collection. It fits just enough of whatever you need, gives you a subtle array of textures to look at and is just asking for you to run your hands over it. This style is like a deep breath and slow exhale. 



It's not polite to stare...that old adage does not apply here. This is another classic style I keep in my line. Visually stunning, velvety in-hand, and what in the world is happening with the melty part at the top! This color way, never and I mean never disappoints. It blurs the line between art and function so beautifully, you'll have to decide if it stays out or goes behind closed cupboard doors. The hard choice is yours. 

Wood & Stone

Often I will create a piece in my head before I make it with hands. This is it. I adore playing with textures and at the top of that list is adding wooden elements to my pieces. I can (and do) make ceramic lids for my ceramic jars. But there is nothing like the contrast of wood and stone. It shouldn't make sense, but my friend, trust does. When I think of something I want to create that's out of my wheelhouse, my husband valiantly shows up and makes it real for me. He handcrafts all of my gorgeous wooden elements, because he loves me...and I love you. 

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