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Who Makes Your Stuff?

Sometimes I look around at all the things we've acquired over the years. Some were gifts, some purchased, some left behind and some things we have no clue when or where or from who we got them. I think it's impossible to locally source 100% of what we surround ourselves with and that's ok. But there is something about purchasing meaningful items when we can.

Knowing the person who made your favorite sweater or piece of art is a different kind of feeling. You're no longer just "buying stuff," you're collecting stories.

This concept of collecting brings me to a term I heard recently..."Slowmade." Doesn't that sound dreamy? It immediately meant something to me, a person who makes many things. The idea that we can wait longer for something special is an important one. We click, buy and get things so quickly now that we are on to the next purchase before the new item has even been utilized. This may be handy for things like copy paper and soap, but for special things I know we wouldn't mind waiting just a little longer.

Knowing who makes your things, your special things, gives you a connection. You're connected to a person, whose imagination thought up the design, whose hands slowly created the lines, curves and function. The maker had you in mind when selecting materials, colors and size. You may not know the maker personally, but they have your smile and satisfaction motivating them. The special item you're holding was made for you.

This notion gets me all dreamy and smiley. I hope you feel something too. So food for thought...Who makes your stuff? Here in this space it's me, your friend Alex. Click on the video below to get to know me better! And leave me a comment saying, "hey there," or I'd also love to hear your answer to my question.

Bye for now and I'm truly looking forward to making your next favorite thing!

Meet The Artist:

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