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Hey Potter: Let's Talk About One-Offs

One-offs...don't we all start this way? Once upon a time, not long ago...this little wannabe potter took a class at a local pottery studio and was hooked! The first pots I made were the kind your mom keeps because she thinks you're cute and loves everything you do.

I had many lumps of clay that started off as something tall and beautiful in my head turn into what I call "cat dishes." Consistency was the last thing on my mind. I was more concerned with using a gallon of water and hoping my piece didn't collapse onto itself after the 20 minutes it took me to fuss it into a "shape." Thus, this potter's collection of one-offs was born. So many unique pieces sprung out of practice at the wheel.

One-offs are a wonderful thing in the beginning, because you can make what you want and move onto the next idea you want to try. Inevitably along the way you realize that making random bowls and mugs aren't functional in the average person's kitchen. Think about it, when's the last time you went to a dinner party or gathering and the hostess served on 12 random plates? Most cupboards hold sets and matching pieces. Matching sets are, of course, is not the path for every single artist out there, but for those of us who want to appeal to the houseware or wholesale consumer...consistency is non-negotiable.

How do I create consistent pieces efficiently? After being approached for a large wholesale order, that question came to mind. My largest wholesale order to date was challenging in so many ways. I was not set up for identical pieces. It was a lot to figure out definitely pushing my skills as a maker, but was totally worth it. I'm thankful for that experience, but have no desire to relive it. I needed tools that wouldn't break the bank or stifle my creativity. I needed tools that would help me fulfill orders efficiently and to the highest quality I could produce. That's when our shaping ribs were born. Shaping ribs give me the freedom to make what I like in a super efficient way! The goal was always: Fun. Easy. Consistent. And we developed the tools I needed to make that happen.

Now the goal of consistent pots and sets is doable. I'm also able to let my creativity spring forth using new textures and shapes. I still free-hand all the time...I would never give that up completely. I just appreciate another facet of making and a new skill learned. Check out our Youtube Channel and Instagram Account for live videos of our ribs and tutorials. Will you be trying some new shapes out?

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