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6 Best Gift Ideas For Coffee Lovers

Updated: Jul 27, 2023

Come on...I know you know someone who loves coffee. Check out this selection of gifts that will treat the person you love to an authentic experience. Handmade gifts don't just say "I was thinking about you," they say, "I know you."

1. Alexandria Mountain Mug - Perfect for the outdoors lover in your life. Slowmade, authentic artistry, combined with dreamy mountain peaks makes this 14 oz. mug the perfect gift.

2. Scandi Carved Mug - Ever heard of Hygge? The Danish use this fun word (pronounced huggah btw) for the qualities of coziness and comfort. Looking for an overall feeling of contentment or well-being? Check out this amazing find!

3. Indigo Wide Mug - The hints of turquoise make this mug look like a starry night. For the serious coffee lover in your life, this mug generously holds 24 oz.!

4. Melty Winterwood Café Mug - Melty goodness on point with this mug. It's a go-to choice for style, comfort and of course coffee vehicle. Give the gift of their "favorite mug!"

5. High-Step Snow Mug - Simple. Elegant. Fill this beauty with coffee and relax.

6. Coffee Spoon Rest - Keep that little brown puddle off of your countertop! These keep your coffee stirred and your spoon happy.

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